Soccer drills - Soccer coordination / Receiving the ball / Agility

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Aleksandar Stojanovic 1994. 19 age. Fk Vrezina Nis 19U. Position (AM,CM,LW, RW).
Kemal Asanovic 1995. 18 age. Fk Sindjelic Nis. Position (AM,,LW, RW).

Coordination is the basis of success in sports.
Which coordination skills are important for a soccer player?

Spatial orientation ( player's awareness of his own position on the pitch in relation to teammates and opponents, even after turning).
Kinesthetic differentiation ( "feel" for the ball).
Balance (stable posture even when under pressure from an opponent).
Speed of reaction
Rhythmic skills ( an explosive start on landing after jumping to head the ball, or an elegant dribble after a feint).

Agility - the ability to slow down, speed up and change direction of movement while maintaining good body control (balance) without reducing speed
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